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Spring Carnival

April 6 All day

Join us for everyone’s favorite event of the season!
Here we have all of the events that will be happening and the rules that go with that event.

Cardboard Box Race
Located: at Giant Steps Tube Hill
Time: 10 AM if a contestant needs to be there at 9:30 AM

Rules and Regulations
– Construction must be free of sharp edges, pointy objects or anything that may be dangerous.
– Sleds must be constructed of Cardboard and tape only.
– No screws, mechanical fasteners, nails, staples, or any other means of holding your sled together that may be deemed dangerous or may potentially leave hazardous debris on the hill. 
– To qualify as a finisher, you must be in or on your sled, not chasing it or being chased by said sled.
– You can have up to 4 riders per sled
– Rider or riders must be able to stop the sled.
– Occupants of sleds must wear protective headgear.
– 1 chance to show us what you got.

Boxzilla Party Spring Carnival Rail Jam
Location: Giant Steps Base behind the lodge
Time: 11 AM
Come and have fun with our Park Crew and do some amazing tricks.

Tug of War Battle
Location: Giant Steps Base between chair 2 and tube hill
Time: 11:30 AM
Get your family or friends and see who is the strongest on Brian Head Mountain

– No Spikes or Grips on shoes
– We do encourage gloves just not grip gloves
– Must be teams of 4 people

Costume Slalom
Location: Giant Steps Nastar Racecourse
Time: Noon
Please arrive 10 minutes before noon at the top of the racecourse in your best costume!
To start of the women/girls division will go first then then the men, we are looking for the best costume and the fastest time!

Pond Skim
Location: Base of Giant Steps
Time: 1:30 PM
Ladies and Gentle men we have our annual pond skim we will be limiting our participants to 100 guests we will also be charging $10 for this event so please hurry and get registered fast.

329 south 143
Brian Head, Utah United States

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