About Brian Reid

Here’s the part of the website where I have to tell you a bit about myself. For me…that’s like nails on a chalkboard, or a brain-freeze from a Slurpee…reader’s choice.

I’ve been playing on this field for over 10 years and do it, primarily, because I love it. I can’t NOT do it. My best form of advertising is word of mouth and 90% of my jobs are a result of it. That says something.

The one compliment that I’ve received that sums it up the best:

“Brian has the unique ability to say the most, while saying the least.”

Kinda like this short bio.

I’d be honored to have my voice be yours.



“When I hired Brian as VO talent for Top Gun the Video Game, I was immediately impressed by lengths he went to to provide me with a recording of the highest quality. Brian asked smart questions, was eager, and turned his lines around quickly and on budget. Brian is very easy to work with and is a great guy all around!”

Ethan Schreiber -June Day Music

“Brian was selected over a multitude of Vo talents because of his unique voice. Little did we know at the time that he would be so easy to work with. His professionalism and ability to accommodate with a rushed production schedule was a breath of fresh air.”

Tareen Aguilar Everywhere Studios

“Great attitude! Personable and professional. Wonderful manly bass in voice.”

B. Loved Entertainment

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